Source: GovHK

Government follows up on positive results of sewage surveillance and appeals to residents to undergo virus testing

The Government announced today (January 19) that in order to fight the coronavirus epidemic, the Environmental Protection Department and the Drainage Services Department have been collecting sewage samples for virus testing in all districts, and had detected positive results in some areas, indicating that there may be hidden cases in the premises within these areas.

Rapid test

As regards positive sewage testing results with relatively high viral loads in the following areas, the respective District Offices will commence distributing about 35 000 sets of the COVID-19 rapid antigen test (RAT) kits to residents, cleaning workers and property management staff working in the following areas for them to take the test on their own, in order to help identify infected persons:
  • Kwai Tsing District – Po Kai Mansion, Cheong Ping Building, Kwai Sing Centre, Kwai Chung Building, Kwai Chung Gee Chang House, Kwai Ying Building and Kam Pui Building
  • Southern District – Residential Premises near Yuet Hoi Street and Main Street, Ap Lei Chau (See Annex)
  • Tai Po District – Tai Wo Centre, Beautiful Garden, Greenery Plaza and Evergreen Court

Please refer to the press release for details